every decision one of vision™

past and future

can you expect your dream to come true 100% by dedicating just 3 or 5% of your time to it? what are you, a magician?
so, how much time do you have allotted to your future? or are you continuously playing catch-up with what you started yesterday, a week, maybe months ago? do you have a plan?

spend an ever larger portion of your time completing tasks that focus on your goals and you will spend more time in the present instead of in the past. after all, the present is where you shape your future.

as an example, google lets its employees spend one day each work week focusing on their own projects, a practice that's delivered 50% of google's offerings, including gmail. why not mixing up your work schedule by setting aside your own 20-percent time dedicated to your future? according to the Pareto 80/20 principle, 20% of our efforts create 80% of our results, so if you want your goals to come true at least 80% you'll have to at least dedicate 20% of your efforts to them by making "every decision one of vision™"