every decision one of vision™

create your vision

Before you know where you’re going you need a destination you can reach. The sample goals below are broad visions to help you get started, and hopefully inspire you to craft your own.

*Create Financial Independence (become financially comfortable)
*Create Physical Independence (maintain, or better yet, improve your health)
*Create Location Independence (decide where to flourish)
*Create Situation Independence (eliminate external obstacles)
*Create Historical Independence (free yourself from past negatives)

You’ll find, all start with the word “create,” because by creating something it becomes tangible. They end with the word “independence,” because by creating independence you free yourself from factors that may hinder you in accomplishing your goals. Why not choose “being financially independent?” “Being” is a passive state that implies that all conditions have been met. Most people make the mistake of wishing for the end result—like “being rich”—and conveniently skip over the “getting rich” strategy.
Don't be a dreamer. Don't buy into the "American Dream." Be a realist and set realistic goals. Then ask yourself, “how?” and write it down. From then on, make every decision one of vision™