every decision one of vision™

bolster time with ambition

Bolster your visions by infusing time slots with ambition. Focus on why you are doing what, when, and where, so you know the reason for the things you do.
Below is an example of a focused person’s schedule. Use alarms if necessary, but remember, this is not about a rigid schedule, but rather about connecting with the root of your actions.

07:00 wake up, perform a light exercise, such as the sun salutation, and take a cold shower. your body and mind are now prepared (to create possibility)
08:00 eat a healthy breakfast with organic fruits, which are light, full of vitamins, and give you energy (maintain physical ability)
09:00 focus on completing yesterday’s tasks only (maintain sustenance)
12:00 body weight exercises (create physical ability)
13:00 eat a small lunch of some nuts and seeds and fruit, or a salad (maintain physical ability)
14:00 initiate future tasks (create sustenance)
17:00 research or work on financial strategies (create income stream)
19:00 eat a healthy dinner of vegetables and proteins such as meats, poultry, fish (maintain physical ability)
20:00 engage in a hobby/social activity/music/art/etc. (create mental balance)
22:00 relax (maintain total balance)
23:00 sleep

Congratulations! You have bolstered your time with meaning by making "every decision one of vision™" for your health, income, and (future) lifestyle!